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What is a digital product?

  • Digital product are intangible goods that exist in digital form. Such as software license, which is sold by Architechnologies.

What is download version?

  • Download version refers to the absence of the traditional software license physical products which contains box, cd installer, and printed software manual. All required files and information will be directly downloaded by the end user/costumer from relevant software producer websites.

What is digital delivery?

  • Digital delivery is the delivery or distribution of digital media content such as audio, video, software and video games. The term is generally used to describe distribution over an online delivery medium, such as the internet, thus bypassing physical distribution methods.

Is there any shipping fee?

  • There is no shipping fee required for software delivery.

How many days should I received my order?

  • We will require 2-3 Business days for commercial licenses.
  • Educational license will require *proof of educational status (student/teacher ID and current year study load) before license will be e-delivered. End users that purchase emails with (enduser).(school).edu address will be considered as proof of educational status. E-delivery shall be 2-3 business days after approval of proof of the educational status.

*Subject for approval.

Can I return my order?

  • Please read the store legal terms and conditions, it is prudent to try out the software product before final decision to purchase it.

Who should I contact for technical support?

  • Architechnologies Store would be glad to help out with your software product, however each software license entitles the end user limited technical support by the software producer. It is best to contact them directly.

Who should I contact for sales support?

  • You may email us at for your sales support concern or call us Mon-Fri 9:00-18:00 (GMT+8).

Can I avail a free trial prior to purchase?

  • All of our software products have 30 days or more trial versions that the end user can access thru their respective software producers' website. If you need assistance, you can email us at