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Twinmotion 2022.2 is here!

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Twinmotion 2022.2 ✓
Seamless Integration ✓
Real-time Environment ✓
High-Quality assests ✓
Storytelling Tools ✓
Exporting & Sharing ✓

Marketing Team

Twinmotion 2022.2 is here! Yes, you heard that right! Infact, it's already available in the Philippines! It is made possible through of the the trusted and legitimate product-software distributor of the country, Architechnologes Inc.

Last, July 21, 2022; Architechnologies hosted a virtual event that showcased the new features, version, and updates of Twinmotion 2022.2 During the event, Architechnolgies gave everyone a glimpse of what designers can get hold of of the new features of Twinmotion 2022.2.

As one of the main distributor of Twinmotion, we are happy to announce that we are introducing Twinmotion 2022.2 to the Philippines for an introductory price of 13,995 + VAT.

So don' let your ideas be stuck, visualize it with Twinmotion 2022.2!


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