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Architechnologies will be at ARCHTECHCON 2023!

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Architechnologies will be at ARCHTECHCON 2023!

We are inviting everyone to come and visit us at ARCHTECHCON 2023 to learn more about how you can design and deliver projects of any size with Graphisoft's Archicad 26!

ARCHTECHCON 2023 brings together key figures who are generating a range of creative solutions using the latest innovations in technology for the built environment. From small-scale interventions to large developments, the projects presented at the conference will highlight how shifting values, emerging technologies, and new concepts are driving the future of architecture.

ARCHTECHCON LECTURES will be on March 25, 2023, and starts at 10:00 am with free Lunch and snacks. There will also be a lot of raffle prizes and your registration automatically makes you eligible. The mechanics of the raffle will be announced during the PRESS CONFERENCE.

Registration is limited to 200 people only! This is inclusive of FREE lunch and snacks.

To register for the lectures, please click on the link:


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